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Landon turns six

Happy Birthday, Landon! You are one amazing little dude - full of personality, spunk, smarts, athletics, a caring spirit and passion in all that you do. As you continue to grow into your own, never let anyone try to change who you are and don't lose that passion to stand up for what you believe in and keep your loving spirit for others.

I love looking back each year to see how far you've come. Past year's birthday reflections are here: five, four, three, and two.

This year I want to highlight SIX things that you love as you turn six years old.


Whether it's football, baseball, wrestling or just playing anything outside, you love sports. As an active kid it is a great way for you to get energy out and you love the competition that sports bring. You learn new sports quickly and try to be a leader on your team. You have natural ability and are getting better at putting in the extra work to improve even more.


Small or big it doesn't matter, you just want as many stuffies as possible in your room. Your favorite is Teddy and he is definitely showing his wear from all the love you have shown him over the years. You have about a dozen of your stuffies named and often tell us when it's their birthday. :)


My little chef! You are always quick to help cook and are learning more and more each time. Your favorite thing to make is banana bread (with chocolate chips) and you love to wear your special apron and stand in your tower to get the best view.


Your brother is most definitely your favorite person in the whole wide world. You look up to him and always want to play together. When you guys are apart from any length of time, the reunion is always loud and physical because that is how you both say "I love you" to each other.


Cuddles with Mom, wrestling with Bryce and climbing all over Dad. You give the best hugs and I hope that never changes. Sometimes your need for physical touch can get you in trouble at school because you have a hard time keeping your hands to yourself.


Painting, coloring, building, taping things together, crumbling paper and just over all making a mess while you create is what you love. You are so proud of your creations and your artistic skills have grown immensely in the past few months. You also love to do science experiments and also love creating/playing in nature.

Happy birthday, Landon! Go for it!!

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