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Landon turns eight

On your last night of being seven, I read aloud to you your birth story, and as I did, all the emotions and memories came flooding back. You perfectly completed our family and entered the world on your own terms. I am so thankful for you and everything you've brought to our lives in the past 8 years. Today we celebrate you, Landon!

First there was Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven. And now to count the EIGHT best things about you!

1 - Cuddles!

As you reached for my hand in the parking lot this weekend, I found myself almost pulling away but quickly stopped myself. Someday all too soon you may not reach for me anymore and your hand won't fit in mine so well. I love that you love holding my hand, cuddling on the couch, sitting on my lap, inviting me to lay in bed with you for a few minutes and all the other ways you snuggle up close.

2 - Intellect

You amaze me everyday with what you remember and how quick you catch on to things. If you say "remember that thing that happened 5 months ago when we are at 'fill in the blank'" I have learned not to question you because you are probably right. You can also remember so many facts about sports players (name, number, position, team). At school you excel at math and want to learn so much more.

3 - Self-awareness

It's been a struggle over the years with your behavior/attitude at times but I have seen so much growth in you this year and especially the last few months. You are becoming more aware of your actions and responses to certain situations. I am so proud of you for working through things and really thinking how to appropriately behave. Keep working hard!

4 - Adventurous

Up for anything and bringing others along for the ride! Not much stops you in you tracks. This year you went on your first roller coaster and LOVED it and wanted to do them all at Worlds of Fun. And then we went over to Oceans of Fun and you wanted to do the 'floor drops out water slide'. "Come on, Mom, let's do it!" you said and I couldn't say no because if you were going to be brave then I had to be brave. But I was terrified but we climbed the stairs, waited in line and we did it. And you loved it!

5 - Sports fanatic

Football, baseball, soccer, wrestling, basketball, tennis, pickleball. It doesn't matter - you love them all. You love playing on a team and especially love being "in control" on the field. You play hard which also means you lose hard too. You get upset but it's because you care so much. Regardless, it's fun to watch you try new things and work hard.

6 - Playfulness

You still loving playing with toys, cars, games and, of course sports. We don't have a lot of downtime but when we do you enjoying playing. Even at our birthday photo shoot you wanted to sit and play with your characters. Once you get started you make up the best games and will sit and play for awhile - especially if you are alone. Your creativeness and pretend play really comes out and the joy on your face is priceless.

7 - Bracket maker

You can turn anything into a competition and you better believe you can make a bracket for it. Just a few days ago, we were playing a matching game and you brought over a piece of paper and pen to make a bracket of the cards. I don't know why you love it so much but you do. If anyone looks around our house at any given time, there is sure to be at least one filled out bracket of random teams laying around.

8 - Full of energy

Bouncy! That's how Grandma describes you (and Bryce). You have two speeds - full speed and off. Your brain and body are constantly on the move and you leave a path everywhere you go (we are working on that...) You are filled with so much joy alongside your energy and want to bring others along for the ride. Then night comes and you crash fast & hard. Resting up for the next day of fun and life.

Happy Birthday, baby boy! We love you so much!

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