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Landon turns Two

Two years ago, his BIRTH day started bright and early just after midnight and after waiting 41 weeks and 4 days we were ecstatic that the anticipation of his arrival was entering it's final hours. Labor was going perfectly and I was even smiling through the contractions. Within 10 short hours the scene and mood had changed drastically. I was trying so hard to help my son enter this world and take his first breaths but it was no easy task. After a lot of hard work, the loving encouragement of my husband, mother and mother-in-law, and at the guiding hands of my midwife, Landon Scott took his first breath and, for the first time, I held him in my arms.

A few hours later he was greeted into his home by his older brother and forever changed our family. His easy-going, inquisitive and hilarious personality has blessed our lives everyday since and he constantly brings a smile to our faces.

It isn't often that he sits still (unless he's "cooking" in his kitchen) so I knew his 2-year-old photo shoot would have to be an "on-the-go" session. More than cooking, Landon loves being outside. It doesn't matter much what he is doing as long as he's outside exploring everything.

I love that he still walks (and runs) like a toddler and I know all too soon those last bits of his baby-hood will be gone forever. He's my last baby.

But more than I will miss his chubby baby cheeks and little voice trying to find the right words, I am so excited to see who Landon will become and watch him learn and grow each day. From the way he says "love you" over and over at bedtime to the way he shakes his booty during our "dance parties", it's the little moments I hope to always remember.

And one day soon, he will cooperate and pose perfectly for a photograph. And I am sure in those moments I will miss the rambunctious two year old toddler who wouldn't sit down for even 2.5 seconds to allow me to capture a "perfect" portrait of him. But in the end these photos mean more to me than a perfect smile because these photos capture him just as he is right now. And that will always be enough! I love you, Landon.


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