• a beginning photography workshop •

What is it? Is this workshop for me?

Let's Click! is for anyone wanting to learn how to use their fancy {i.e. scary} DSLR camera that's currently stuck in auto mode - or worse, forgotten in the back of the closet. But it's more than that, it's an investment in yourself and your family's legacy. Taking more meaningful photos of your family and friends will bring so much joy to all those around you and you'll gain confidence in your skills you never knew you had.

What will I learn?

We'll start at the very beginning - a very good place to start (did you just hum the song from Sound of Music? I know you did!). But really, we'll start by learning the basics of your camera & lens and discuss all those accessories - the ones you need and the ones to skip. We'll study a variety of composition strategies to really bring your photos to life and discuss what it means to be a photographer - and by the end of class you'll feel confident enough to call yourself one! 

The second half of the workshop will focus on the exposure triangle and how you can use your camera effectively to create beautiful images using the different modes of your camera. We will work towards shooting in manual mode. But more importantly, you'll learn how to troubleshoot and plan for varying situations so that when you go home you'll feel empowered to continue on your journey.

Throughout our 5 hours together there will be tons of time for hands-on practice and plenty of questions. Come ready to learn and join a great community of budding photographers.

What camera do I need?

"The best camera is the one that's with you." That being said, I recommend a DSLR camera (that just means it's a camera with an interchangeable lens). Don't have a DSLR but still want to join? Bring your point & shoot camera and learn beside us. If you have a question about if you (and/or your camera) would be a good fit for the class, shoot me a message and I'd be happy to chat with you.

What's included?

  • 5 hours of hands-on learning and instruction surrounded by a community of learners ready to take their photography to the next level

  • A customized workbook to guide you through the class and take home for continued learning

  • Light breakfast refreshments and snacks available throughout class

  • A 30-minute lunch break will be provided and will be a great time to sit back, get to know each other even more and build community

Hands-on Learning

"My favorite part of the Let's Click! workshop was having opportunities to take photos using newly learned techniques."

- Dave

A Great Morning

"It was a great way to spend my morning and you can tell Sarah really wants to help you learn how to use your camera and take better photos!"

- Katy

Gain Confidence

"The class was set up in a way I could absorb how to do manual mode. I have read quite a bit about it, but this really helped me understand it and not be afraid of manual mode!"

- Rachel

Build Community

"I loved our small group which allowed for one-on-one interaction." 

"I enjoyed connecting with others interested in photography."

Sound AMAZING? Save your spot today!

Next class will be in Winter 2022

$179 + tax

Tuition includes the 5 hour workshop which covers both beginner and intermediate topics and unlimited access to me for questions later. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Each workshop is limited to 4 students so everyone can receive personalized attention and feel comfortable asking questions in the small community.


Can't make this date but don't want to miss out?

Join the wait list and you'll be the first to know about the next workshop date. And in the meantime I'll send you a FREEBIE while you wait.


Prefer an online class?

Trust me, I get it. Life is crazy and carving out a full day for yourself might not be in the cards right now. But if you still want to learn more about your camera and enjoy learning online, you have GOT to meet my friends Tove and Alli! They are great teachers and offer their photography classes online. 

I am not going to lie, I would LOVE to have you join my class but if not, they are the next best thing. You will receive an awesome online workshop full of videos and tons of resources to review over and over at your own speed. So go check out the class, click on the "get instant access" button.



Sometimes one-on-one help and practice is more beneficial than a group setting. You can create your own custom, personal session with me and I will be there to answer any questions you have - I am a complete open book! 

Here are a couple topics we can discuss in our time together.

  • You just got your DSLR and have no idea what all the buttons do.

  • You know how to shoot in Aperture Priority or Manual but your photos still don't turn out how you want.

  • You want to use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit your photos and take them to the next level.

  • Let's go on a photo walk or model shoot together and I can help you right in the moment.

The best part? You get to design our time so it's the most beneficial to you. From the topics we discuss, to the location, to the date, time and length. 

One-on-one mentoring is $125 for the first hour and $75 for each additional hour (or part of an hour). Want to bring a friend and have a two-on-one mentoring session, contact me for pricing details.


Not ready to sign up just yet?

I totally understand! Making the investment in yourself can be scary. But I don't want you to leave empty handed - so I've created a FREE photography guide filled with the 3 tips that will up your photography game TODAY!