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Photo Guide

Regardlesss of what camera {or phone} you are currently using, you can instantly improve your photos with a few, easy-to-learn tips that you can start implementing TODAY.

Camera Guide

If you're frustrated that your photos are still missing that WOW factor - even after buying a "real" camera, let me show you some awesome {and simple} features you might not know your camera has that will drastically improve your photos.

Buying Guide

Ready to {finally} purchase a real camera but have no ideas where to start because there are SO MANY options? Grab the buying guide and learn what's important and how to avoid the biggest mistake when making that big investment.

Project 52 Prompts

Challenge yourself this year and take photos like never before. The weekly prompts will give you {inspiration} throughout the year. Join at any time and share your photos with #llp_project52.

Manual Mode Cheat Sheet

Wide DOF, faster shutter speed, high ISO - what do each of those control? If you've even been shooting and freeze up in the moment and wished you'd have someone to ask for help, then you need this. A handy pocket sized {printable} with tons of tips, graphics and explanation to help you master MANUAL mode like a pro.

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