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Wild Flowers

Let's go on a walk together!

You'll get to meet other ladies (or gents) like you from our community and spend a few hours exploring a new place and honing your photography skills. This FREE photo walk is open to photographers of all skill levels. I will be on hand to guide you, give some inspiration along the way, answer any questions about your camera, photography composition strategies, or what the heck all those buttons and knobs do on your camera. 


Drop your name & email below and I will let you know the details as soon as they are finalized. If you want to bring a friend, make sure they sign up too so I can send them all the info and surprise goodies as well.

Please note: if you have received a previous freebie from me, you may have to update your profile to join the photo walk. But don't worry, it's super simple.


Enter your info above and click the button.

  • If you end up on the thank you page, you don't need to do anything else. Your PDF will arrive in your inbox momentarily.

  • If you end up on an error page, click the "update profile" button and follow the link in your email and select the "Photo Walk" freebie and hit save. The PDF sent to you immediately.

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