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Bryce turns ten

Double Digits! Truly so hard to believe we are here already and I am so grateful for you. Thanks for agreeing to let me take your birthday photos each year. I know it doesn't seem that important but to me it means everything. Being able to freeze this moment in time helps me remember you exactly as you are and I love the special time when we are together. I love reflecting each year about who you are, what you like and little things I don't want to forget. Like in these years past: Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four.

To celebrate your first decade, let's countdown BRYCE'S TOP TEN memories from the past year (as selected by you):

10. Designing your new bedroom

A few months before your birthday, you came to me one night and asked if you could get a new room. Little did you know that I had always planned to redo your room when you were ten. It seemed fitting since this room design was from when you were five. You want your space to reflect you, your style, your interests and to grow with you over the next five years. So we set off designing your room together - gathering inspiration on Pinterest, buying the supplies and picking out paint colors. You had such enthusiasm and love the final product.

Collage of portraits of 10 year old boy
9. Reading

Graphic novels are still your favorite but the Battle of the Book challenge at school has opened your eyes to new types of books. You spend 20-30 minutes reading in your bed every night and sometimes ask me to read aloud to you. Seeing your commitment to reading makes me so happy and I love the joy you have when you finish a new book.

8. Friends

"Can I go to someone's house today?" That's your favorite question lately. You are pretty lucky to have 3 good friends nearby that you can walk or ride your bike to their house. You enjoying spending time with friends playing video games or sports (surprise, surprise).

Collage of portraits of 10 year old boy
7. Swimming

We spend so much time at the pool this summer any free moment we had - even if only for 30 minutes after school. You are a super strong swimmer but most of your time is spent at the diving boards. You asked me to teach you how to do a "good" dive this summer and practiced for hours perfecting it. But the end of the summer you even did a dive from the high board - unprompted by anyone. You also do front flips from the low dive and out of the blue did a backflip as well.

6. Christmas

Your favorite day of the year! You look forward to this all year and can hardly contain your excitement (or sleep) for the days/weeks leading up to it. You enjoy the traditions we do each year though you wanted to skip a few this year that you've grown out of (trains at Union Station). Santa brought your favorite gift this year - the bow/arrow set. Your excitement for Christmas makes the day fun for everyone!

Collage of portraits of 10 year old boy
5. Atlanta vacation

Vacations are so joyful and fun for you. As soon as we get back (or sometimes before we even leave) you want to start talking about/planning our next vacation. In Atlanta you enjoyed visiting the aquarium (2 whale sharks in the biggest tank I've ever seen, a dolphin show and a sea lion show). We also checked off stadium #6 on the list - Truist Park and did a 2 day hike in northern Georgia.

4. Playing outside

If you are looking for Bryce, just check outside. More than likely that is where you will be. Pick a sport, grab a friend (or brother or parent) and you are a happy guy! Basketball, soccer, football, tennis, baseball, pickle ball, biking, RC cars - you aren't too picky and like to mix it up!

Collage of portraits of 10 year old boy
3. Dude Perfect

We went to the Dude Perfect Pandamonium Tour this summer and you had a blast. You love watching their videos (over and over and over). I still remember when Daddy showed you your first DP video when you were like 3 years old.

Collage of portraits of 10 year old boy
2. Baseball

Of course the Top Ten wouldn't be complete without baseball. Your biggest passion, strength and joy over the last 10 years. I am so happy you still find so much joy playing this sport and continue to excel in all areas. You work hard and are a great teammate. I can't wait to watch you more this year and see you smile in your successes and learn from the mistakes.

Collage of portraits of 10 year old boy
1. Nintendo Switch

Finally! You got a video game console for Christmas this year. I know it was hard to wait for so many years but it really is in your best interest. Even with the parental restrictions, you have had a good attitude with it lately and I am glad you are enjoying it. And, I'll admit, I like playing it too.

Collage of portraits of 10 year old boy

Happy Birthday, Bryce!! We love you!

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