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Bryce turns six

Bryce, today you are six. I remember waiting to find out when your birthday would be and (trying to) trust you to come in your own time. You were totally worth the wait! And thus began my journey of motherhood {and patience}. How much you've changed since that first time I held you in my arms and even since you were Four and Five...

For your birthday photos we adventured at Cedar Lake in Olathe despite it being very muddy, a little snowy, and a bit chilly. I knew you would love exploring with Landon and Daddy and would indulge me in a few photos along the way {even if you weren't thrilled about it}. I hope someday you appreciate these photos - I know I will treasure them forever!

To celebrate you, here are mine and Daddy's SIX favorite things about you:


Anyone that has met you knows your love for and natural ability at all sports. You can hit a ball better than most kids your age, have excellent coordination, understand the rules and strategy of each sport, and have a passion for every sport that you try.


You amaze me with what you figure out on your own and I love watching you learn to read this past year. You are quick to learn something new once someone shows you and are eager to learn more. Even though you say that reccess and lunch are your favorite parts of school, I know you thrive in class and are exceeding the expectations set for you.


Watching you gain independence this past year has been amazing. You are eager to do more things on your own and help out around the house. Whether it's making breakfast for yourself and Landon, feeding the dogs or cleaning up, you love helping (most of the time). You are excited to venture out on your own a bit more - but you still stay close enough that we don't have to worry that you're growing up too fast.


Not a day (or hour) goes by when you aren't cracking a joke, doing a silly dance, or saying something in a silly voice. Your sense of humor is maturing (though farts are still a common comedic topic) and I just love to listen to your laugh!


You grabbed my hand today while we were on a walk and reassured me that no matter how old you get that you'll always hold my hand (and I will hold you too that). Physical touch is definitely your go-to way to show your love and affection to others. Sometimes it comes across by tackling Landon, climbing on Daddy or asking me to hold you, and that's quite alright! Just today, you cuddled next to me while watching a movie and I will be sad when one of these days that won't happen anymore. But until then I will soak up your love anyway you will give it to me.


Oh, are always and have been since day one, a rule follower. You know, respect and follow the rules and help others in a new situation to know what is expected of them. Your strict adherance to the rules is one of the reasons you excel in school and in sports. My hope for you is that as you grow up that you continue to respect the rules and stand up for what is right (even when everyone else is making the wrong choice) but also to challenge the rules you may not agree with. And I hope that your father and I do a good job of teaching you the difference. But for now, never let anyone make you do something you don't want to do and stick up for yourself. I love this trait in you!

And one to grow on...


It is awesome that you are old enough now to have real, full on conversations. I love hearing your thoughts, opinions and ideas about a topic. It doesn't matter what we are talking about, thank you for always being willing to talk with Daddy and I and know that we are always here for you. One of my favorite things is our conversations in the car - and it's what I miss most about you starting kindergarten - I lost my 30 minutes each day with you. So thank you for running errands with me when I ask so that we can have time together to chat. I love when you are quiet for a few minutes and then ask me a question about something. It gives me a glimpse into your awesome mind! Never stop being curious and asking those questions.

Bryce, thank you for being you - you are going to rock SIX!! I love you.

And wasn't the sunset beautiful the evening we took your photos?!

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