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Landon turns seven

Happy 7th birthday, Landon! I love being your mom and getting to watch you grow, thrive and learn so many new things. I hope the cuddles never stop and you never stop being you! Before seven there was Six, Five, Four, Three and Two. It's fun to reflect back on each year and see how much you've grown.

To celebrate Landon turning 7, here are seven of his favorite things from the last year:

1. Wrestling

You finished out your first year of wrestling soon after you turned six and when it started up again in the fall you were ready to go and had some big goals for yourself. You work hard at practice and love competing to get medals. You take the losses pretty hard but that just shows how much you care. You have a few more tournaments to go this season where you have some pretty high goals. Regardless of if you achieve them all or not, we are proud of you and will support you as long as you continue on in this sport.

2. Swimming

This was a big summer for you in the pool. You are swimming like a pro and don't even need our help. You enjoy going off the diving board (just silly jumps for now) and even went off the high dive a few times. Jumping off the side and diving for rings are also your preferred activities in the pool, as well as catching the ball when Daddy tosses it in.

3. Bryce

It has never been doubted that Bryce is your favorite person and you love spending as much time together as you can. Whether it's outside playing some sport, playing downstairs or just messing around in your room, as long as you are with Bryce you are happy.

4. Pokémon cards

It has begun. The collection of Pokémon cards and the organizing, trading and sorting. I may not understand it but seeing your joy is worth it.

5. Friends

You find/make friends where ever you go and don't know a stranger. Whether it's at the baseball complex during tournaments, the park by our house or at school, you are quick to find someone to play with. And it's fun to see how you adapt to which friend you are with. You are able to play quiet and still with some while getting active with others. I hope your friendships serve you well throughout life.

6. Cuddles

My cuddle bug! Don't ever stop, promise? You are still small enough to climb in our lap on the couch, or randomly come give hugs and (my favorite) you still reach for my hand in the parking lot.

7. Vacations

For being only seven. you are already building quite the travel log. We went to Chicago this year to visit the Cubs and White Sox stadiums as well as explore the sights. It was interesting to see that you didn't like the big city (too many crowds and traffic). But you enjoy seeing new places and traveling as a family.

Bring on seven and all the fun to come! Happy Birthday, Landon. We love you!

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