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Landon turns THREE!

How is he THREE!?

Much like last year, his birthday "photo session" was an on-the-go session at Stoll Park. He doesn't sit still for very long and he definitely doesn't cooperate for photos. So I dressed him in a nice outfit and we headed outside. Since his birthday is in the middle of winter, outdoor sessions aren't always possible so we jumped at the chance a few weeks ago. It was 3 days after the polar vortex that Kansas gave us a 60F Saturday afternoon so out we went. {Should I use the word "so" a few more times in that paragraph??}

Landon is going to conquer the world one day - I know it! He is stubborn, strong willed, independent, intelligent, curious and stubborn {wait, did I already say that?}. Since he was a baby he has always been interested in banging object together to see what sounds they make, mixing things {read: dumping out all the toys} to see if they look better all together, testing limits to see if the rules have changed since the last time, and can't sit still for more than 15 minutes {we timed him}. And while I know these are the qualities about him that will allow him to succeed in life, it often {more often than not} makes every day life challenging and tiring for his dad and I.

And while 2 has been a somewhat tough year, it has also been great. The things he does amaze us everyday!

He is already potty trained - which wasn't even on our radar but when he's ready to do something, he'll do it.

He has no fear at the pool and loved jumping in {with his puddle jumper on} and swimming to the side all by himself.

Most of the time you can find him pushing or riding something - the shopping cart, toy law mover, his tricycle, Bryce's scooter, the wagon - you name it!

Landon's personality is one of a kind and under it all he is a sweet boy. He loves cuddling and being held - I love when he asks to "hold me like a baby" and brings me his blankie. Very soon my thumb-sucking, blankie carrying, cubby-cheeked little boy will be all grown up. So while it's hard in the moment to always remember, I know I will miss these times.

But I can't wait to see what THREE holds for Landon and our family. Soon he'll start preschool and learn even more, continue to grow his friendships at school and continue idolizing his big brother. Their relationship is growing so much lately and it's fun to watch.

Landon, I am so grateful for you - your charasmatic personality, adventurous spirit and loving heart. Happy Birthday!

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