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Landon turns four

Landon Scott, today you are four. The toddler years are now over and before we know it you'll be reading, writing and drawing just like your big brother. Wasn't it just yesterday that you turned two or even three? Of course it's cliche but I really can't believe how fast these years are going - it's hard for me to even remember you as a baby.

Long gone is my chunky baby with a smile as big as his love for pancakes. Before me now is a strong-willed, music loving, high energy four year old with a memory unlike any I've seen. You've got the best smile, gorgeous eye lashes and curly hair just like your mama (I can't even imagine what it would look like if we actually let it grow out).

Parenting you isn't always the easiest because when you set your mind to something there isn't anything that is going to change your mind - no matter what. I know this strength and opinionated demeanor is going to serve you so well - and I say it all the time, YOU ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD!

But in the meantime we are still doing our best to help you reach your potential without driving us totally bananas while allowing you to maintain your strong personality - because it really is amazing. You LOVE big, have a compassion for others and always want everyone to be happy. Don't ever change that!

I can't wait to celebrate you and see what this year holds. It's sure to be filled with lots of science experiments, tall towers built (and destroyed), adventures around Kansas City, so much academic learning and your first "real" experience with sports. BRING ON FOUR! We love you, Landon!

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