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Bryce turns eight

Happy Birthday, Bryce! EIGHT! Hard to believe that we are almost half way "done" raising you to be an adult. Up to this point it has been about setting the foundation but I believe the next few years will be pivotal in helping you become the best version of yourself. And I can't wait to adventure through the next year with you.

I love looking back each year to see how far you've come. Past year's birthday reflections are here: seven, six, five, and four years old.

This year I want to highlight EIGHT things that you love as you turn eight years old.


It comes to no one's surprise that you still love and excel at baseball. It is by far your favorite sport to play and you have learned so much over the last year. You are the starting 2nd baseman for your team and are solid player with great instincts. You love playing catch with Daddy and practicing "diving plays". You love watching Royals games at the stadium and never want to leave your seat for fear of missing the action. We were able to visit 3 MLB stadiums this year to start filling in your scrapbook. Though you still love baseball it doesn't consume your every thought like it did years ago. And it's fun to see you branch out.


Your newest obsession is luxury sports cars. We aren't too sure where/how this started but you are fascinated with Lamborghinis, McLarens, Teslas, Buggatis, etc. But you really just love all cars - you know all the car brands and point them out while we are driving. Thanks for Grandma Paula you got to ride in a Tesla a few months ago and your smile was SO BIG! You have also started playing with hot wheels cars more than you have in the past lately and all the books you get from the library at school are about cars too.


Sometimes earlier this summer you watched an episode of "Insane Pools" and became enthralled with watching shows about designing and building things - pools, houses, boats, etc. You often draw your designs and come up with the best ideas. Wonder if you will become an architect?


Sometimes I wonder if you would sit in front of the TV all day if we let you... But that is probably true of most kids (and some adults). But at least you have a variety of shows/movies that you like. From Disney's Descendants to Animal Planet and National Geographic documentaries and everything in between. We had to take away your privilege earlier this year to watch YouTube (Mr Beast, ZHC, Dude Perfect, shows about the biggest house/cars, etc) because we saw such a negative change in your behavior and attitude when you watched it too much. That was tough for the first week but now you don't even ask. All in moderation is the way to go for sure.


Being Mr. Athletic and the love of playing sports make for a very energetic childhood which mostly plays out in the front yard. Whether it's shooting hoops on the neighbor's basket, kicking soccer goals against the fence, throwing the football around, hitting/catching tennis balls, riding bikes/scooters or anything else involving a ball, you are all about it! You played on football and basketball teams this year and that doesn't interest you as much as just playing around a home with Landon, Daddy or Mommy - but you still gave it your best and had fun while doing it.


You don't like to admit it and you often fight with him a lot, but you love your brother and play together so much each day. From doing who-knows-what in the basement to the aforementioned sport battles outside and other random fun at home, you both play together very well lately (most of the time that is). You give him a hard time and aren't always the kindest to him but you would be lost without him and I am so happy you have each other.


"This is the best day of my life!" = your reaction to (finally) arriving to the Great Escape Parkside for our extended family vacation this summer. You had the absolute best time this week and are already planning your move to Florida one day. And in general, you are all about going on vacations and doing so many new things. I can't wait to explore more places with you in the future and I hope your sincere excitement stays strong.


As Daddy says lately, "The world is opening up for you and you are realizing all the options available to you." You have plans to have like a dozen jobs by the time you are 40 - you plan to just do each job for like a year and then move on to the next one. I love your enthusiasm and desire to find what you love. You constantly talk about where you are going to live, what your house will look like, how many kids you will have, what your job will be, where you will travel. I love listening to your ideas and hearing your pure joy about the brightness of your future. Never stop dreaming!


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