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A Sunny Afternoon at the Creek - Olathe Family Photographer

I asked Bryce a few days ago what his favorite thing to do was and his answer, as no surprise, was "playing outside". Sometimes I wonder why we even have toys because once the warm weather returns it seems like we are constantly outside.

Whether it's playing on the deck, walking to the park to play on the playground, or playing baseball, my boys want to be outside all the time - which is totally fine by me. We decided to mix it up a bit on this afternoon though, and headed to Indian Creek Trail to explore and see if we could find a place for the boys to play in the creek.

One of the first things I learned about Scott when we were dating was that he loved water and if there was a body of water nearby he was going to be in it! So I know being able to play in the creek with his boys makes him so happy. And the fact that they enjoy it was well bring so much joy to Scott.

Uncle Troy was able to join us so all the boys were able to play together in the creek (and I was able to capture it all). It was the most beautiful May day in Olathe and, even better than the perfect weather, no one had a meltdown - a huge success with a two year old in tow as well as a four year old that refuses to nap anymore and usually losses it by 4pm on the weekends.

In the LLP Photo Community this week, we are discussing how to look for open shade when taking pictures outdoors and what to do when that isn't possible. So this was a great time to "practice what I preach" since there was no shade anywhere in sight and the sun was super bright on this afternoon.

So in order to combat the bright conditions, I opted to take most photos including a lot of the environment instead of getting close up shots, and focusing more on getting the shot from behind since there were so many shadows across their faces. One great thing about shooting during the middle of the day is that the colors are so bright and the sky is so blue.

I can't wait for even more adventures with my family over the coming summer months and for many years to come. Nothing beats spending time with my boys and documenting it all.


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