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Celebrating 90 years - Happy Birthday, Paul

90 years...oh what he has seen in his lifetime...

1928 is the year that bubble gum was invented, Penicillin was discovered and when Mickey Mouse made his first appearance.

And in a small town in Missouri, the youngest of 6 siblings was born into a poor family of lead miners. He would grow up to join the Air Force, marry the woman of his dreams and raise 3 kids. Through years of hard work completing his bachelor's and then master's degrees, working full time and growing a small business, he would go on to become a very successful man.

Surrounded by his family, he celebrated his 90th birthday over a spread of tacos and cake balls. We presented him with a book filled with pictures, memories and stories of our times together.

He loved reading an authentic newspaper from the day he was born - can you believe how big the paper was back then? Guess when there is no Google or Facebook you had to get all your daily news from the paper.

I can only imagine what he thinks about the world now as compared to when he grew up. Obviously a lot has changed but some things remain the same regardless of time. Having a strong, solid education, combined with a hard work ethic and surrounding yourself with a loving family will always equal success.

Happy birthday, Grandpa!

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