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Family Picnic and Fishing - Documenting Daily Our Life

Sometimes weekends seem like we are just trying to find something to do to pass the time and "get through" the day. Having young kids is exhausting - just ask anyone. But along the way we try to find little ways to do special things - they might not seem special at the time but when we take a step back and reflect these times with our kids are special and it will be what their childhood memories are made of.

It was a last minute decision to throw some food in a bag, grab the fishing poles and head to Heritage Park for a picnic. Within 10 minutes we were all packed into the car and ready to go. I grab my camera and tripod - not knowing if I would actually be able to use it. But I knew that documenting these small moments are important and being in the picture would be that much more meaningful.

We found a shaded spot under the tower on Black Bob Island and set up camp. Scott got to work getting Bryce's pole ready with a new bobber and hook and I got the blanket and food situated for the kids. Then I set up the tripod and realized that I had forgotten my wireless remote. But I improvised and used the 10 second timer to get some shots of the action.

This is our real life - no matching clothes, not perfect lighting or posing - just our family spending time together. Scott intently focused, Landon running away, Bryce eating and me running back and forth between the blanket and camera documenting it all.

After our picnic we headed to the lake for some father-son fishing while Landon and I looked at the airplanes flying around the area. He has been so into airplanes and learned the sign for "airplane" (I am doing the sign in the bottom picture on the right below).

I love the set of pictures below because it captures the Landon almost falling in the water. He was so interested in checking things out. Luckily he just fell in the dirt and not in the water. Just goes to show you that you always have to be watching him because he moves so fast.

I cherish these simple times with my boys!

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