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Spring Tea Party - Olathe Mini Sessions

Spring has sprung and a tea party at Heatherstone Park in Olathe was the perfect way to celebrate. These spring mini sessions were too cute for words and the girls (and baby boy) loved feeling so special and enjoying some treats without the pressure of a typical photo session.

I think the fact that they used a "real" tea set made them feel so special and they all loved taking turns pouring the tea {i.e. lemonade} into their cups. And - good news - no cups or plates were broken and the kids were so gentle and well behaved

The spring night was gorgeous and the personalities of the girls were so fun to observe. The older girls were so into the session and felt so special. But the little sisters weren't so sure about me at the beginning but eventually warmed up to the idea.

Beyond the tea set, snacks and beautiful evening, seeing the sibling relationships was definitely the icing on the cake. They were all so sweet to one another! Hats off to their parents instilling such strong relationships among their children from early on. I mean, look at little sis giving her best friend a kiss on the cheek!

Having an 18 month old on set could have been disastrous but he did amazing and his sisters loved cuddling with him. Those big blue eyes mesmerize me every time I see him - I mean, really, could he be any cuter?

That last image is my favorite of the bunch - big sis is breathing in her little brother and is so sweet and little bro is giving the most precious smile ever!

The next round of mini sessions will be released as part of our fall schedule and will take place in Overland Park.

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