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Freeman Family - Olathe Photographer

Why is it that when families grow up the family photo sessions seem to slow down? Is it because the kids don't change as drastically year to year? Is it because of crazy busy schedules? Is it because of burn out of the yearly routine? Is it because of the complaining from the teens finally wears mom down?

Whatever the reason it seems to happen and it's so sad because soon the nest will be empty and you may find yourself wishing you had frozen some of those moments in time and didn't let the excuses stop you.

I am so glad the Freeman family took the 45 minutes and brought their 3 teens together last fall for these family photos. It was a CRAZY WINDY evening but the light was beautiful and we made it work on this gorgeous fall evening at Heritage Park in Olathe.

And aren't Mom and Dad just the cutest?!

Let this be your reminder to make the time, coordinate those schedules and bring your kids (no matter if they are 3, 13 or 30) out for a photo session this year.

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