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Brandi and her Boys - Olathe Family Photographer

The boys are adorable. Am I still allowed to say that even though they are so grown up now? Every time that I photograph this family (like the first time here) they come dressed to impress and bring the best smiles. And this time was no different.

The boys brought along a football this time - even though it was a football injury that little brother was recovering from - and I love when families bring special items to their session to really bring out their personalities.

And now that these boys are older and can actually sit still (parents of toddlers know what I mean), I was able to try some fun photos of them close up!

And don't worry, we got some great family photos too that I am sure will grace their holiday cards this year and hopefully make their way to their walls and albums too.

And you know that I will always get some photos of just Mom and Dad while we are out. So be ready to get close and cuddle your honey for a few minutes!

Until next time!

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