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Spring in Olathe has arrived and we celebrated with Miss Evelyn's 10 month session

So what if Miss Evelyn's was 10 months old for her 9 month session - she rocked it anyway! Spring's late arrival and busy Spring Break plans didn't allow for her mama and I to get her session scheduled in March. And we almost didn't make this session happen because of the cold weekends in April. But we jumped at the chance on this 70 degree Olathe evening at Black Bob Park and made it happen!

And I think the extra month just allowed for her cuteness to blossom even more. We had to work fast since it was almost bed time but she gave me some great smiles and a little sass mixed in there too. Just look at her - amazing!

Don't you just love those little toothies showing as she tried to grab my camera? And those rolls on her arms - I mean, come on - adorable!

Even though Easter had already passed we were sure to get some photos of the sisters in their matching dresses!

And because this four year old little girl loves to strike a pose, here's some of just big sis in all her glory!

I can't believe in a few short weeks Miss Evelyn will be celebrating her birthday and she'll be in front of my lens again.

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