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McKinley's at Antioch Park in the Fall - Overland Park Familiy Photographer

October this year started out yucky, didn't it? Rain {I mean A LOT of rain}. Cold {remember the dramatic 20° drop in one day?}. Definitely not how I (or any other Kansas City photographer) wanted prime family photography season to start.

But you would never know from this early Saturday morning family session at Antioch Park. Mallary and her boys braved the less than ideal conditions and rocked their session! You might remember this sweet family from their in-home maternity session earlier this year.

Well, now little bro is almost sitting up and gives the best smiles {and even cuter "serious" faces}! And can we just stop and talk about how well mama styled her crew. The colors were perfect with the fall backdrop - this is what we mean when we say "coordinated but not matching".

Their session was so easy, relaxed and exactly what I try to bring to each and every time for my families. Don't worry about getting the perfect photos (I promise I'll get at least one of every one looking and smiling) because it's the little, unexpected {imperfect} moments that you will treasure the most when your kids are a bit older. These photos of them all snuggling on the blanket are probably some of my all-time favorites!

And I don't stop shooting until you are safely in your car because it's often those last little moments when you think I'm not watching anymore that are the sweetest. I love this last one of this family walking back to their car and mama holding her baby just so and big brother following just behind the rest of the crew.

To book your own family session, check out my portfolio and contact me to get on my schedule.

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