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Lea Family - Crossroads District - Kansas City Photographer

Families with older kids seem to not have family photos done quite as often. The kids don't change quite so fast year over year and schedules are tough to coordinate. But make sure to capture your family as often as possible because all too soon the kids will be adults and out of the house. Jessica wanted to remember her kids at these ages (12 and almost 15) and we explored parts of the Crossroads District in Kansas City for their atypical fall family session.

My favorite part of the session was how loving Dad was the whole time. He was a man a few words but whenever his loved ones were close, he was rubbing their back and holding them ever so tightly. <3 Don't ever let go of them Dad even when they start to pull away - which they will...

It was a gorgeous evening and we found some cool spots. We ended up on the roof of the Barkley building to get a few photos in front of the #KCLoves mural and it was pretty cool!

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