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Evelyn - Baby's First Year - Olathe Photographer

Document all the changes during baby's first year of life with a Baby's First Year Photo Package. It all starts from the comfort of your home for an in-home lifestyle newborn session. No worries about packing up baby (and the 10 bags that are required) to travel to a studio for your photos. Your home is the perfect backdrop for your first session with the newest member of your family.

And before you know it, three months will have passed and that tiny newborn is now a smiling, chubby bundle of joy. The three month session can take place in your home or at an outdoor location of your choice.

Each session can also include siblings and parents if you want - it's your package and we'll plan each session just for you. For this 6 month session we set up a mini studio for Christmas and little Evie was not old enough to sit up and loved holding the ornaments.

And because sometimes time gets away for us the 9 month session actually takes place when she's 10 months old. But that is just more time for the adorableness to grow even more. We waited until Spring arrived in Olathe to do their photos at Black Bob Park. Aren't their matching dresses just the cutest?!

And now it's time for her 1 year photos - 1.5 months late :) It's amazing how in one short year we now have a running toddler to keep up with! So of course we pull out the bubbles.

These girls are the sweetest sisters ever - 4 years apart but the best of friends. Watching them both grow up in front of my lens for this year was such an honor.

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