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Boy oh Boy - Fun at Antioch Park - Olathe Family Photographer

A dad and his three boys...exploring Antioch Park, engaging in a fun sword fight and capturing some beautiful {can I say beautiful with boys} portraits of his crew. So often it's the mother of the family that plans the yearly family photo session, but this time it was Dad that wanted to take the time to document this time in his family's life. And it was absolutely perfect!

Billy owns a business selling superhero capes, swords, and tons of other gifts perfect for boys {and girls} of all ages. Bringing along some of his stuff was awesome and really captured this family exactly as they are at this current moment. And can we just talk about that last image above?! Amazing, right? I feel like that is a photo that will need to be recreated every couple of years - for the rest of their lives!

And leaf throwing is always a requirement, am I right?

Antioch Park was the perfect location for their fall family session. The leaves were just starting to turn and there were so many great spots around the lake, in the leaves and of course in the newly rebuilt old Dodge Town play area.

The personality of these boys is so evident in these photos and I know Billy will cherish these memories for years to come. To book your next family session, contact me and let's get planning!

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