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A chilly evening with a wonderful family - Olathe Family Photographer

It was the 60° degree Sunday that didn't happen. On Friday the forecast looked awesome but by Sunday evening it was 40° and windy. But this family braved the chilly evening and looked fantastic doing it!

We worked quick and got some adorable shots of their littles. Little Miss, who is usually a ham for the camera, was not having the cold but she did great! Little dude wasn't so sure what was going on but look at those baby blues matched perfectly to his shirt - good job Mama on the outfit choices!

It was so apparent that Dad loved spoiling his baby girl but was so excited to have a son to raise as well. They were so cute together and I hope they continue to tradition of getting a pic of little man with a football through the years - how cute would that collage be?!

And while the kiddos cuddled under a blanket for a bit, we managed to sneak Mom and Dad away long enough for some couples shots - I love when we capture these moments.

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