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Is a mini session or a full session right for me and my family? - Olathe Family Photographer

Fall is the most popular time to have family pictures taken, especially in the Kansas City area, for so many reasons. Life is starting to calm down now that the kids are back in school. The leaves start to change and make for a beautiful backdrop. The evening temperatures start to cool down which make for a pleasant environment. And with the holidays right around the corner, everyone likes to update their family portrait to use on holiday cards and/or presents for grandparents and extended family members.

There are so many great photographers in Johnson County and the Greater Kansas City area that can provide all the families with a great experience. No matter what you are looking for, there will be a photographer in the area that will be just right for your family. When choosing a photographer be sure to select them based not just on price alone. There is so much more to a photographer than just their price point. Each photographer will have their own style of shooting and editing. It's important to find one that matches your style and whose work you connect with. Also consider what type of session you want. Some offer only studio sessions, some shoot in your home, and some shoot outdoors. Also consider what kind of products you want. Do you want only digital images? Will you need a print release or would you rather order professional quality prints from your photographer? All of these questions are things to consider when booking a family photographer this year.

This Fall I am offering two types of family portrait sessions. The first is the standard full session. These sessions can take place either in your home or outdoors at a location of your choice. If you aren't sure of a location, just let me know and I can give you a few options to choose from in an area near you. Full sessions are generally about an hour long and are super relaxed and stress free. We will usually start with a few pictures of the kids to get them warmed up. I always follow the kids' lead and let them explore the area. I strive to keep each session flowing and stay authentic to you and your family's personality. I love personalizing your session. The investment for a full session not only includes the time planning and shooting your session, but also includes the time skillfully editing your photographs and posting them in a password protected online gallery for your review. You can instantly download up to 30 digital images and will be given a print release. You have the option to order prints and/or additional digital images if you would like. But there is no obligation or additional charge above and beyond the initial $150 investment. Full sessions are booked either an hour after sunrise on a Saturday or Sunday morning or an hour before sunset on any evening.

The second option for your Fall portraits this year is the Limited Edition Fall Mini Sessions on Saturday, October 7th. These sessions will take place at Heritage Park in Olathe, KS and each session includes 20 minutes of shooting for you and your family. You will have the option to choose from three collections (priced at $125, $175 and $275), each of which include digital images with print release, a Facebook cover photo and custom holiday cards. I am so excited to offer these mini sessions which include holiday cards because I know how stressful the holidays can be and I want to help take one item off of your To-Do list this year. All you have to do is book your session and show up for a quick 20 minute session and then wait for your custom designed holiday cards to arrive at your door in time to pass our to your family at Thanksgiving dinner. I will post your images so that you can select which ones you want to include and that's all you have to do. I will design the cards, order them and deliver them to you ready to be addressed and mailed. There are 10 spots available for the mini sessions and you can choose from a morning or evening time spot.

So how do you decide which session is right for you?


* You only want digital images

* You want more images to choose from for your gallery

* You want more digital images included in the base price

* You and/or your kids take a longer time to warm up in front of the camera

* You want the flexibility to choose your date and/or location


* You want a one-stop shop this year -> photo session + digitals + holiday cards for one low price

* You just want the "perfect family shot" and a few others of the kids

* October 7th is available on your family's schedule

* You want to get in and get out quickly

And remember, I have a giveaway for the Mini Sessions this year. Once all 10 spots have been filled, I will randomly select a family to receive a 50% discount on the package they selected.

Please contact me if you have any questions - I would love to talk about customizing a session with your family.


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