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What are Lifestyle Family Sessions - Olathe Family Photographer

The next type of photo session I am going to discuss are lifestyle family sessions. This type of session is more relaxed than a portrait session. (If you missed the last blog, read it now.)

LIFESTYLE photos show the world HOW you act!

During a lifestyle session, the photographer will capture you and your family engaging it more natural situations and capture the real emotions. The goal of lifestyle photos is to show how your family interacts with each other and tell the story & details of your family. Lifestyle photos can take place in any location but good lighting is still important and the main focus is on the subject(s).

As part of a typical lifestyle session, the photographer will still direct the subjects into a certain position/pose but will then let the natural interactions take place. For instance, during these sessions I may have your family sit together on a blanket and tell you to snuggle in close and make each other laugh. But then I will step back and capture images of you together interacting, laughing and will let the scene unfold naturally. The goal of these sessions is to capture your personalities and there won't be any "look at the camera and smile".

Lifestyle sessions are great for in home family sessions where everyone is comfortable in their own space and for that reason, newborn sessions are wonderful for this type of sessions. Bringing home baby is tough for everyone so why not stay at home for these photos - you don't even need to put on your shoes. :) And don't worry if you think you don't have a "nice" home - when I arrive I'll find the best light and you'd be amazed how many good photos we will be able to create even in a small space.

For outdoor family (and also senior) sessions, think of lifestyle photos as playtime! There will be lots of walking, running, tickling, piggy back rides, kids doing airplane, cuddles, kisses and maybe even some bubbles!

This post is the second in a three part series explaining the differences between the different types of family photo sessions available and can help you decide which is right for you. Find the other posts in this series by searching the tag #sessionlessons on the blog.

Tell me in the comments below something you learned about lifestyle sessions. Or tell me if you've had photos like these taken of your family ever - even if you didn't know that was the name of it at the time.



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