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What are Family Portraits - Olathe Family Photographer

The first type of photo session I am going to discuss is family portraits. This type of session is what most people typically think about when someone says they are having family photos taken.

PORTRAITS show the world WHAT you look like!

Portraits are simple photos of an individual or groups of people where, typically, the subject(s) are looking at the camera. The goal of a portrait is to show what the person looks like and draw the viewer in to the photo to want to learn more about the subject(s). Simple backgrounds with good lighting are best for portraits so that the focus is on the subject(s).

During a typical portrait session, the photographer will direct and pose the subjects. And even through this posed session the goal is always to show the personality of the subject and evoke real emotion and movement.

For family sessions, think of the family portrait as the "good" photo with everyone looking and smiling nicely at the camera. It's the "one photo" that mom wants to hang on the wall or put on a holiday card. You know what I am talking about, right? But portraits don't have to be boring photos (think school yearbook photo...) - your photographer should pose you in natural positions and make you comfortable in order to bring out your true expressions and quirks.

During a typical family session with Lopez Life Photography, we will create the "perfect" family portrait and also get some individual portaits of the kiddos as well.

High school senior sessions are filled mostly with a variety of portraits and choosing the right location and clothes is super important in order for these photos to reflect who you are during this special phase of life.

Portrait sessions can also take place in your home. The background provides a bit more of a personal touch and comfort since you will be surrounded by familiar things.

Whether your family is small or large in numbers, an awesome family portrait is so important to have - not only for yourself but for future generations to have!

This post is the first in a three part series explaining the differences between the different types of family photo sessions available and can help you decide which is right for you. Find the other posts in this series by searching the tag #sessionlessons on the blog.

Tell me in the comments below the last time you've had portraits done and describe your favorite photo from that session.

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