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Determining which type of session is right for your family - Olathe Photographer

Everyone wants family photos at some point in their lives. For some they invest in these sessions once a year. For others, it's every couple of years or for the addition of a family member. And for other families, it happens maybe once a decade. And you know what? All of those are perfectly awesome!

When most people think of having family photos taken they probably think of the "stand there and smile" types of photos. And most probably don't realize there are other options available that may fit your family better.

Over the next three blog posts I will be sharing about three different types of family photo sessions and what each type of session offers. I'll explain what each session looks like, feels like and help you determine which type of session is right for you!

I will be tagging each post with the tag #sessionlessons so you can easily find all the posts.

In the meantime, tell me in the comments below:

(1) Can you guess one (or more) of the different type of family photo session types I will be discussing?

(2) Tell me a favorite moment during a photo session you've had with your family.



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