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Project 52 : Week 23 - Orange

It's still TBD if Landon is going to love sports as much as Bryce. He doesn't seem to have the natural ability like Bryce had from an really early age, but Landon is getting better day after day. Sometimes I think he plays ball because he just wants to be with Bryce - he loves his big brother so much. Landon definitely isn't one to do anything for a very long time in one sitting - every 5 minutes or so and he's on to something different. And that's totally ok! It is truly amazing to see how different these 2 boys are.

Anyway, back to the prompt of "Orange". Landon calls this shirt his "running shirt" because it was the jersey for the World Vision 6K we did this spring. If this shirt is clean it will most likely be the shirt that he picks to wear. No matter that it's a size too big (it was the smallest size available) or that it's such a bright color or that he isn't actually doing a "race", he just loves to wear it. And he is so picky about what he wears ALL THE TIME so I just go with it. :)

A note about my settings and setup (shot in manual mode).

  1. I needed to mix things up this week to break the monotony of taking photos of my kids. (Do you ever feel like that?) I selected the 70-200 lens to give me a different type of photo and also give me more space to stay back, out of the way of them playing. I love the BOKEH this lens creates with the big compression.

  2. I wanted to keep the aperture a little more stopped down because I knew the kids would be moving around and I didn't want to miss focus. I also know that even though this lens can go down to 2.8 it doesn't perform it's best there. So I selected 3.2 this time.

  3. In order to keep the shutter speed fast enough I set the ISO at 400. It was about an hour and a half before sunset so it was still bright out but not too harsh.

  4. The kids were moving around a lot, throwing balls, riding around, etc so I knew I needed a fast shutter speed. On this one it's at 1/500 which worked out perfect to freeze the motion.

  5. You can see that Landon's face is in focus but his hands and ball are slightly blurry. That isn't motion blur but instead of side effect of the choice of aperture. In this case it works for me because I like his facial expression. But I could have put the focal point on his hands to tell the story of him catching the ball. The power of toggling focus!

If you would like to join me this year and complete your own Project 52, download my prompt guide and follow along.

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