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Project 52 : Week 19 - Off Prompt

In honor of Mother's Day the prompt this week was supposed to be "Mom". And while I had intentions of taking a self-portrait with the boys it just didn't happen. So instead here's Landon playing in the sand on the volleyball court at the park while Bryce was at baseball practice. On this night, in an hour, he played in the sand, rode his scooter around the path, played on the playground and kicked the ball on the soccer fields. This boy is always on the move - I wonder where he gets that from?? (oh!) But isn't this photo so fun!? The pretty blue sky mirrored with his blue clothing, the green trees contrasted with the brown sand and the hint of rim light around his head. He was so focused on burying his feet and building a tall sand pile. I love the gritty texture of the sand next to the smoothness of his skin. It tells the story of Landon and this moment so well.

A note about my settings and setup (shot in manual mode).

  1. It was a bit cloudy out but still pretty bright so I set the ISO at 320.

  2. Landon moves pretty quick and in many different directions so I set the aperture at f/4 to give myself some wiggle room. He was also very far away from the background so the bokeh is still pretty dramatic. Another benefit of the higher aperture is that the texture of the sand is prominent since it's on the same plane as Landon.

  3. The shutter speed of 1/500 ensured that every movement would be frozen with my fast moving kid!

If you would like to join me this year and complete your own Project 52, download my prompt guide and follow along.

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