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Project 52 : Week 14 - Trees

When I made the list of weekly prompts I had to guess when to plan certain ideas. Of course "Pink" was near Valentine's Day but trying to estimate when the trees would blossom this Spring was a total guess. Early last week I was worried that I had missed the guess but then the trees popped out just in time this weekend. So I put the boys in spring shirts and took (read: dragged) them to the park to be my models. With a little encouragement and some playtime at the park first, they cooperated just long enough (5 minutes) to get some sweet shots! They better get used to helping me with my projects over the next 15+ years...HAHA.

But aren't they the cutest?! I love watching their brotherly bond grow. They do love each other so much - even if it comes across mostly in the form of tackling and yelling at each other. Check out the photo posted on my Instagram feed to see the "real life" photo right after this one happened.

A note about my settings and setup (shot in manual mode).

  1. To ensure I could get the trees in the background but also keep the boys large enough in the frame I choose the 35mm lens again. It's becoming my go-to, can't you tell?

  2. I shot the boys individually and also together but kept them close to each other so that i was able to keep the aperture low to create pretty bokeh. The background has a few distracting elements (like the soccer goals and other random structures) so I wanted those to be blurred out.

  3. It was about 45 minutes before sunset so I was able to keep the ISO nice and low.

  4. They weren't running around so the shutter speed was fast enough. I probably could have increased the shutter speed just a tad and upped the ISO to 400 and it would have worked well as well.

  5. Notice how I positioned them in the shade so that the sun wasn't shining right on their faces. I also positioned them far enough away from the trees so that the trees would fill the background. Also watch for tree limbs coming out of heads (I had a few of those that I tossed).

If you would like to join me this year and complete your own Project 52, download my prompt guide and follow along.

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