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Project 52 : Week 11 - Green

The obvious choice for March's "color" theme was GREEN. On St. Patrick's Day we ventured outside and took the boys to the driving range and putting green at Heritage Park.

Bryce has had hit set of "real" clubs since his 3rd birthday and was a natural from the beginning (there doesn't seem to be a sport yet that he's tried that he isn't good at). He was excited to hit some balls and practice putting. His swing isn't as good as it used to be - thanks to baseball which requires a completely different swing. But he still had a blast and hit quite a few good shots in the air, over the hill.

Landon wants to try every sport like Bryce but doesn't quite have the coordiation (and patience) to excel. He decide receive some new clubs for Christmas and wanted to bring them (even though they were plastic). He tried to hit a few balls but let's just say he's got a lot to learn and practice before his swing is going to be up to par (pun intended). But in true Landon fashion, he loved collecting, organizing, carrying and mixing the balls. He did pretty well on the putting however and got so excited when he made a shot.

The photo I choose to represent our adventure and weekly theme includes all 3 of my boys in one shot - which doesn't happen very often. I love the leading lines of them all standing in line with the clubs and flag stick laying on the ground. I can imagine recreating this photo in about 10 years.

A note about my settings and setup (shot in manual mode).

  1. Even though we were going outside and would have more space, I still decided to bring my 35mm lens so I could be closer to the action and get more in the shot.

  2. I set the ISO super low since it was very sunny out.

  3. Next I put the aperture a bit higher than normal so that more would be in focus. I was moving around a lot getting different angles so I didn't want too small of an f-stop which would limit my focal points.

  4. The shutter speed I kept fast so that I would freeze the motion and keep the colors bold and image sharp.

  5. It was a very bright, sunny afternoon and the light was very tricky to work with. The blue skies contrasted with the yellow/brown ground made it very hard to get the white balance correct. I had to edit the photo quite a bit to get it looking right. I wanted to keep the sky blue, the boys properly exposed and keep the grass bright enough too.

If you would like to join me this year and complete your own Project 52, download my prompt guide and follow along.



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