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Aaryan - Class of 2021 - Overland Park Senior Photographer

His session was rescheduled 5 times for several different reasons and when we finally found a day that worked out, we had to make a last minute adjustment of our meeting location. I-Lan Park in Leawood is a beautiful location but it has a super small parking lot. We found an alternative meeting location and it turned out perfect. Though the park is small, it offers a variety of backdrops - and it has a wheeping willow tree which is one of my favorites!

An added bonus of this park is it's proxomity to a peaceful creek where the sunlit banks were a photographer's dream!

And for even more variety and color for his senior portraits, we finished our time together at Museum at Prairiefire.

Though this isn't the start to the senior year we all know these kids deserve, Aaryan is keeping his head up and making the most of these uncertain times.



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