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Joe - Class of 2022 - Olathe Senior Photographer

Seniors give me a chance to explore new locations and really bring out each kids unique personality. Joe was SO EASY to work with and was up for anything. We explored downtown Olathe and found some great spots!

Fun fact #1 about Joe is that I first knew him as Joey almost 15 years ago. He is the oldest son of my former colleague back when I was a teacher (Did you know I used to be a high school math teacher?)

Fun fact #2 about Joe, he LOVES shoes and has a collection of over 100 pairs!

Fun fact #3 about Joe, even though he is going to KU in the fall he agreed to meet for our session during the Final Four game in early April and still had a great attitude the whole time.

This little spot in front of this brush was the perfect backdrop for his first outfit - that blue and yellow together are perfect.

Joe's second outfit choice was more casual but he looked just as dapper!

And you know he had to match his shoes to his shirt, right?!

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