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Project 52 : Week 7 - Pink

In a house full of boys, pink isn't very common. But documenting Valentine's was a great excuse to break out the pink paper and all the pink markers. Bryce is an excellent cutter and Landon is learning how to use scissors in school now. We were all out of town for Valentine's Day but I thought it would be fun to still do a small craft project. We decorated the windows with pink hearts and had a bit of fun.

A note about my settings and setup (shot in manual mode).

  1. Per usual, I used the 35mm lens since I was shooting indoors and wanted to include more of the scene in the frame.

  2. I moved the table away from the window a bit so Bryce could be closer to the light while cutting and also give us space to tape the hearts to the window.

  3. I set the aperture first to 3.5 to create a shallow depth of field.

  4. Even with the window light (and overhead lights off) I needed to up the ISO to 1000. I didn't want to go much higher because I didn't want more noise in the image.

  5. I set the shutter speed last in order to get the photo properly exposed. He wasn't moving very much so even with the slow speed he is in focus.

  6. I placed the focal point on the scissors and the pink heart.

If you would like to join me this year and complete your own Project 52, download my prompt guide and follow along.

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