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Project 52 : Week 6 - Love

Love is a week away on vacation with my the beach...without kids...away from the cold Kansas winter. This was the first night of our trip to Ft. Myers Beach in southwest Florida. We can walk from our place to the beach in under 5 minutes and can watch the sunset each night over the gulf. We are enjoying the quiet and beautiful scenery. A big thanks to my parents for watching the boys back home!

A note about my settings and setup (shot in manual mode).

  1. The day before we left on our trip I upgraded my 50mm lens from the f/1.8 to the f/1.4 version. I was excited to try it out on this trip.

  2. I wanted the entire photo in focus so I choose a high aperture to create a wide depth of field. I also wanted to create a sunburst which is only achievable with a large f-stop.

  3. I wanted as little grain a possible so kept the ISO low.

  4. I purposely underexposed this photo to show the colors better so I adjusted the shutter speed until the photo turned out how I wanted.

  5. I had to do very little editing with this image - just some very minor adjustments to colors and highlights.

If you would like to join me this year and complete your own Project 52, download my prompt guide and follow along.

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