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Project 52 : Week 1 - On The Shelf

Wow, I started off the year with kind of a hard prompt. But I used the opportunity to get creative and get in the shot (always a goal to do this more). That is {exactly} why I love this project - it forces you to do something different and try something you might not have thought of otherwise.

A note about my settings and setup (I shoot in manual mode).

  1. It is not an accident that I placed this table in front of the window when I was designing the room. Set yourself up for success!

  2. I set the aperture first and choose a narrow depth of field because I knew that Bryce and I would be on different planes and I wanted both of our faces to be in focus.

  3. I set the shutter speed next and, since we weren't going to be moving very much, I was able to keep it pretty slow. Looking back I probably could have increased it to 1/250 and changed the f-stop to 5.6.

  4. I adjusted the ISO until I had the proper exposure. There is a bit of grain in the image but I feel like it is ok since the image is pretty bright.

  5. I placed the camera on a shelf and used my remote to trigger the shutter. Mine has a 2 second delay so I can hide the remote before the picture is taken.

  6. I cropped the photo in post production and did some small edits but for the most part the image was good SOOC (straight out of camera).

If you would like to join me this year and complete your own Project 52, download my prompt guide and follow along.

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