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Welcoming Spring: 4 must-take photos of your littles

Are you ready to get outside with yours kids and enjoy the Spring? I know I am...if the Spring temperatures ever stick around for good. We are all tired of being stuck inside and I am ready to get outside and take some fresh, fun photos of my kids enjoying the Kansas City weather.

But, does it feel like you always take the some photos of your kids over and over? We are creatures of habit for sure and I have to remind myself to think outside the box and, even if the kids are playing baseball in the front yard for the 50-millionth time, to look for a new angle or perspective to capture. It's challenging but so rewarding.

Here's a few ideas to help you capture this moment in your child's life while it lasts.

1. Kids + pets interacting together

Pets are often overlooked once kids come around, right? (No, just me? Please tell me I'm not alone in this...) But it's so fun to see the kids start to interact with the dogs more and more as they get older. And if there's one thing both kids and dogs love, it's being outside. The dog park is such a fun place to take the dogs to wear them out and they can run - and run they do. It's so fun when my boys like to chase after the dogs and I love capturing this interaction.

Note: Be sure you set your shutter speed fast enough to capture all the running around so your photos don't just turn out to be a blurry, unrecognizable mess.

2. Look for new angles at the playground

Of course you are going to be at the playground once the weather gets nice. But instead of just capturing a photo from the ground, join your kids and climb on everything. The park is my favorite place to look for new & interesting framing techniques because there are so many lines and shapes to instantly add tons of dimension to your photos. Learn more about how framing can elevate your photos by grabbing the free photography guide filled with this and other super simple techniques.

Note: Try editing these photos in black and white because often the bright colors of the slide will reflect on your child's face causing them to look green/yellow/pink. But by converting to black and white, the distracting colors will be removed and just the details will be left to tell the story.

3. Favorite outdoor sports activities

This one is probably a given but worth mentioning because this is one of those things that you probably take the same photo over and over. So this Spring, look for a different angle. In my case, I usually always stand behind him while he is playing golf (for obvious reasons...) but on this day, the range was somewhat empty so I could sneak in front of the mats to get a different angle.

4. Stop and smell the flowers

I can't wait for the flowers around town to really pop open and fill the dreary winter scene with color and life. And what kid doesn't love smelling (or picking) the beautiful flowers? I love trying to find an area with tons of flowers and then entice the kids to explore the field of flowers. Something about seeing them in the sea of colors makes them seem so small and innocent.

Let's hope Spring is here to stay very soon so we can all get some sunshine on our skin!

Don't forget to snag the FREE photo guide with even more tips for capturing your littles this Spring.

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