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Let's Click! (mini) - Beginning Photography Workshop in Kansas City

A week packed full of helpful information, tons of tips & tricks and a whole lot of fun - and all while learning how to take control of your camera and really bring your photos to life. It's coming...are you ready?

I am so excited to offer this {totally FREE} mini photography workshop. And the best part is, you can join in from the comfort of your couch in your PJs - messy bun and all!

It's super easy to be part of the in-crowd for this opportunity:

2. Gain access to each daily lesson starting at 6am (but access it anytime throughout the day)

3. Read through each lesson when it's convenient for you (grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet - those still exist, right?)

4. Hop on the main LLP FB page each night at 9pm (after the kiddos are tucked in for the night) for a Live video to get your questions answered and extend your learning even more

Don't miss out on all the fun this week - join us in the Lopez Life Photography community!

And don't forget to grab your free camera guide filled with 3 settings to move you past auto mode and take back control of your camera.

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