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Body + Lens + Accessories - Oh My!


Researching and shopping for a camera is no easy task. The technical jargon, zillions of numbers, and way too many options make is easy to get overwhelmed.

Let's break it down to what you actually need to know.


Grab the FREE DSLR camera buying guide and checklist before you head to the store on Black Friday or log-on to Amazon on Cyber Monday!

Please note: if you have received a previous freebie from me, you may have to update your profile to receive this guide. But don't worry, it's super simple.


Enter your info above and click the [Get the FREEBIE] button.

  • If you end up on the thank you page, you don't need to do anything else. Your PDF will arrive in your inbox momentarily.

  • If you end up on an error page, click the "update profile" button and follow the link in your email and select the "Buying Guide" freebie and hit save. The PDF sent to you immediately.

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